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"Books that leave a dent on your Mind"

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Rashid Shaz Islamic scholar, writer, activist and Professor of English at the Aligarh Muslim University

H.E. Dr Rashid Shaz is an ISESCO Ambassador for Dialogue of Culture among Civilizations and a professor of English at the Aligarh Muslim University, India. Widely known as pioneer of the ‘New Dialogue’, Prof. Shaz has produced some ground breaking works on Islam from an interfaith perspective. His Urdu book: کونوا ربایین ‎serves as an interfaith introduction to Islam in which he emphasizes that the rabbania is the sum total of Islam, an ideological identity that embraces all the submitter to one God, especially the sublime souls among the people of the book. It was in this backdrop that in 2008 he released in Monaco an important founding document “Calling for a New Dialogue between Islam and Christianity”. Dr. Shaz has also revived and taken up further the long frozen debate on shibh-ahle-kitab. In his magnum opus ادراک اسباب تراجع الامۃ(۲ مجلد) he takes up the issue from the point where Al-Baironi and Shahrastani had left. In 2004, he motivated many enlightened intellectuals in Abrahamic traditions to debate the common issues on

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